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Making a Easter Egg Hunt Fun for All

My family celebrated Easter Sunday this year at my Aunt Mj’s house.  She always comes up with fun activities for the kids … and this year was no exception.  She created a wonderful Egg Hunt that was fun for all 4 generations

What to do with your Easter Bunny Photos

I’m a total sucker for cheesy, classic traditions to do with kids.  Ever since my first child was old enough (he was only a couple weeks old for his first Easter), we’ve been going to the mall to sit with the

An Easter Tree of My Own

Growing up my mom always decorated for every season.  I always loved (and still do) seeing the items come out of the basement for their yearly reveal.  It was like seeing old friends again … the ceramic ghost holding a pumpkin

My kid’s bowling birthday party … I’ll spare no details

Since I’ve been blogging less than a year, I still have lots of catching up to do on previous play, crafts, and celebrations.  With this being Henry’s birthday month (see this year’s party) I’ve been thinking a lot about celebrating his previous

10 Ways to Make a Kid’s Birthday Special (other than a party)

Having a fun kids party for a birthday is wonderful … and probably something a child will remember for many, many years.  (I was fortunate to have parents that allowed me a party every year … and I’m sure I’ll do

Marvelous Mario Kart Party

For Christmas 2010 we got the family a Wii.  And created a monster.  Well, kinda … Henry, my NOW 6-year-old son, LOVES playing and it is usually a struggle to limit his time on it.  However, I have seen a a

Our Valentine’s Day 2012

We started the day off yummy and sweet (and super easy) with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and waffles … The kids’ Valentine cards from me were at their spots on the kitchen table.  They were surprised at first … because the

Please excuse our mess …

I saw this on Pinterest (actual link from on jennlajeunesse on Etsy) and liked it … because of the reminder of what is important at our house. With moving into a new house this past October, it has been a constant whirlwind

My Christmas Journal: One of my most prized possessions

In 1998 my mom got me a Christmas Journal to record each Christmas. I LOVE THIS BOOK.  I am using it now to prepare for Christmas for the 13th year.  It is EXTREMELY helpful to keep track of Christmas card and

The Longest Lemonade Stand

Yesterday we participated in breaking a Guinness World Record … the longest lemonade stand ever!  We were there as part of St. James Preschool … where Henry graduated from, where Honor attends, and where my mom is the director of!  It

Favorite Childhood Memories of Summer

One of my all-time favorite childhood memories of summer is going to get soft serve ice cream after we were already in our pjs.  I’m not sure if we did it every summer, but the memory certainly sticks out in my