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St. Patrick’s Day Fun 2012

(I know this is too late for me to share these ideas for THIS year, but just think of it for extremely early preparation for next year’s celebration of the Irish!) The fun (and overwhelmingness) of being in the blogging world

Honor’s First Sewing Project

I saw this wonderful idea to introduce kids to the concept of sewing, from Happy Little Munchkins, and just had to give it a try.   All you need is a large sheet of plastic needlepoint canvas and pipe cleaners. I

Shadow Play: Day 5, Rounding Up Some Shadows

So, here’s DAY 5, the final day of the Shadow Play series of posts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have creating them!  Since I’ve been posting about our shadow play this week, I also wanted to include

Shadow Play: Day 2, Where does your shadow go when you are sleeping?

In our discussions and studies of shadows, we also watched Peter Pan (a couple bazillion times) and Disney Junior’s new special Peter Pan Returns on Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  With stolen/missing shadows being an important part of each movie, it

Shadow Play: Day 1, SHADOW HUNT

Ever since Groundhog’s Day we’ve been talking about shadows.  Honor (age 2 1/2) asked her big brother, Henry (almost 6), “What’s a shadow?”  He responded, “You know, that dark thing that looks just like you and follows you everywhere.” That honest

Our Valentine’s Day 2012

We started the day off yummy and sweet (and super easy) with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and waffles … The kids’ Valentine cards from me were at their spots on the kitchen table.  They were surprised at first … because the

4 Weeks of Kindness

What qualifies as “an act of kindness”?   There are so many small things that we do each day for our kids … that we take for granted.  (of course I do that, I’m his/her mom!)  However, I think that the concept

Fun Fizzy Eruptions

 So, what happens when you add vinegar to baking soda?  Small fun fizzy eruptions!!! Add food coloring to the vinegar for even MORE fun. Hover over the photos for step by step instructions and comments!   I found this idea from

Look What Happens …

… when you put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave! It explodes! This was SO much fun to do.  And SO simple.  Unwrap a bar of Ivory soap, place it on a plate, pop it in the microwave (we

Thank-you note Torture

Growing up my wonderful mother instilled in me the importance and art of writing thank-you notes.  I don’t remember ever minding this … but then again, I always have enjoyed writing. Believing in the importance of formally giving thanks, I want

Snowman Glyph

My son, Henry’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Walch, comes up with AMAZING projects/assignments/activities for both at school and for “homework”.  Each month she assigns a family project; and this month the assignment was to make a Snowman Glyph.  I had never even

Repost: Why Craft?

Ever sit there in the middle of a project, cleaning up an especially messy project, or even keeping up your own crafting/playing with kids blog and think, “WHY?  Why am I doing this?  Doesn’t it matter?  Is it important?”  Well, if