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iPhone Apps: Favorite Apps for Kids (part 2)

In just the 4 months since my last Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids post, we have already found several more that we are really enjoying.  I think you, and your kids, will enjoy them too! Doodle Ships – (free) A simple

The GAMES we PLAY … and WHY (part 3)

Here’s some MORE of our favorite games (and their benefits of playing them).  As opposed to parts 1 and 2, these games are a bit more educational and therefore I’m less likely to use them in a play therapy session.  However,

Candy Color Sort

For some reason my 2 year old is having a hard time learning her colors.  Being the girly-girl princess she is she has pink and purple down, but the rest … not so much.  I saw this post (sweetie sort) a

Candy Experiments (aka What to do with ALL that Halloween candy?!?)

So … what to do with ALL that Halloween candy?  I definitely don’t want us eating all of it … therefore, in the name of science we will sacrifice some! This worked especially well because Henry’s awesome kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Walch)

Coloring: Why it’s important

My cousin, and close friend, sent me this question about her 3 year old daughter …. Seeing as Samantha has a new-found love of coloring with crayons, and drawing, and will literally do it for over an hour at a time

Tried & True: Ants on a Log

It’s simple and yummy … a child snack classic.  Ants on a Log.  This what Henry and I prepared for his lunch before his first day of (afternoon) kindergarten. (Honor wanted nothing to do with it … still being very much

Rock Stacking Challenge

I’ve seen this idea lots of places … and I finally had the opportunity to challenge the kids to this activity while we were on vacation last week. With Honor, my 2 year old, I showed her a simple example and

Learning to Use Scissors: Straw Cutting Activity

So, while we have been enjoying the last week of summer up north, I have done a couple of projects and activities with the kids.  One of them I got from Hands On: as we grow – Learning to Cut Activity.  I


Here are 5 Scavenger Hunts to enjoy with your kids! Outdoor Scavenger Hunt We tried this one out that “Hands On: As We Grow” designed. It was a nice short one for my 5 year old son to complete quickly one

Funky Colander Art

I saw this in another blog post (but I can’t remember or find which one), but it was super easy and kept my 2 year old busy by herself for about 15 minutes! (yahoo!)  It was also great practice for her


We had a themed playdate yesterday!  IT WAS DINOTASTIC!  6 kids 6 & under enjoyed dino crafts, dino food, dino books, dino excavation, & dino imaginary play. Before our friends came, I set up my crazy flowered craft tablecloth and got

Classic “Board” Games to Play with Three-Year Olds … and WHY

Three is the PERFECT age to start game play. (note: by age, I mean developmental age … which is sometimes not the chronological age of the child due to delays of all sorts). At 3, language is usually pretty well developed;